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Di Water Exchange Services

Deionized di Water Houston

Portable Exchange Deionized Tank Service That Meets the Purest Water Quality Standards in The Industry

Rainbow Water provides a full array of Di water services for ultrapure water applications ranging from large steam turbines to lab pharmaceutical usages. We are a full service provider with ultrapure industrial water references and local unmatched expertise. RWP provides your business with a continuous and reliable source of high purity water designed specifically to meet your custom requirements.

The Di exchange tanks remove ionic contaminants that are harmful to many industrial and commercial processes. Eventually the ion exchange tanks reach exhaustion after a certain amount of use and are unable to remove ionic impurities. RWP will send a certified Master Service Technician to remove the exhausted tanks onsite and replace them with new fresh regenerated tanks.

Our Di water tanks require no chemical handling or maintenance and provide a reliable source of deionized water, up to 18.3 megohm resistivity. Di water tanks can be provided on a “as needed” basis or on a scheduled reoccurrence program route. Flexible configurations are available to meet your process water needs with quality control monitoring options available. RWP offers same day, next day and available to emergency response request.

Your Rainbow Water local dealer can add other processes such as filtration, ultraviolet light, absoulte bacteria POU to the Di tank configurations to meet your custom needs.


All ion exchange resins are regenerated under current Good Manufacturing Practices in compliance with ISO 9001 standards. Only premium domestic ion exchange resins are used to ensure consistent performance. Each batch of Di exchange resin is tested multiple times throughout the regeneration process for both quality of effluent and capacity. This guarantees the proper water quality and a predictable run length. For critical laboratory, pharmaceutical, medical and research applications that adhere to USP, ASTM, GRADE 1-3/TYPE I-IV applications, dedicated and segregation service deionization tanks are available along with full documentation and traceability upon request.