Rainbow H2O

Condensate Polisher Systems

For Re-Purification of Condensate Return Water

Condensate Polisher Systems. Industries most economical method to minimize total make up demand.”

Many industries searching for alternatives to maintain heat transfer loads (BTU’s) and decrease boiler blowdown losses, stand in an environment of strict boiler feed water parameters. Boiler blowdown is the ancient method to improve and maintain water quality with in the plants steam cycle. New untreated cold water can be minimzed by the reuse of polished condensate water. Theroy has been proven that as more condensate is reused, less make up water is required, the ROI is awarding by reducing chemical & fuel consumption.

Energy power plants with sufficant amounts of condensate return benefit from reuse of high purity water for the protectection of boilers, steam generators, reactors & heat exchangers to name a few. Condensate polishers are used in the most experienced and knowledgeable industry processes, Depending on specific flow rate requirements, single or multi-alternating vessels can be combined.

RWP pre enginnered systems employ cold water backwash and rinse configurations steps. Custom mid internal backwash distributors are usually installed to allow for upflow drain washing of crud from the top of the resin bed without the need for full brine regeneration. Automated flusing cycles remove any crud and iron solids accumlated on resin to prevent fouling and extended pressure diffrential across the bed.

Rainbow Water offers a menu of diffrent skid mounted, pre piped, pre wired, factory pre tested & fully automatic systems to assit the field personal on quick installation and start up procdures. Rainbow Water Purification has years of hands on experience in meeting the needs of customers who require high quality condensate reuse water for their plants make up feed water.

RWP Master Service Technicians are ready to assist in consulting, retro fit, re-calibrate or technical support in industry sound procedures for all Condensate Polisher Units.